ICT Data Collection and Analysis Tool (KIPUS)

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Farm-level performance data in agricultural value chains in the Global South are often scarce, cumbersome to capture and, if available, rarely analysed to seize their full potential. KIPUS is a software package offered by Knowledge Intelligence Applications GmbH (KIAG) aiming to support farmers, training providers, companies, and public sector in the mobile collection, management and analysis of data along agricultural value chains. It also assists small-holders in the practical acquisition of agronomic and business-related knowledge, thereby helping them to improve farming techniques, management practices and, ultimately, their livelihoods. The tool is also available as open source.

You may also want to have a look into the screenshots of the different solutions established and used during the project.

Key functionalities of KIPUS developed are:

  • Compliance with the whole digital process starting with data collection, data analysis, information processing, and knowledge development for action-oriented learning
  • Embedding of weather, satellite and market data for better planning and risk mitigation
  • Full traceability providing transparency for consumers and market stakeholders such as for bio-fortified crops
  • Development of learning videos and learning material with the target groups on site
  • Establishment of digital knowledge platform for practitioners to apply research results and use the experience of experimental trials

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